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Un degustation avec un vrai gourmand M. William MARK

William Mark, or 麦sir, has written for prestigious publications throughout his career, including the FT and Sing Tao daily, and currently write a column for the HK economic journal.  Today, we gathered with him and a few friends to experience their new menu. I brought three bottles of HB to complement the meal.

Owen had called me up in the morning to tell me about the dinner so I scrambled to get a few bottles ready. The La Reserve 2009 was opened and decanted at 3pm and the La Reserve 2005 at 5pm; the HB 2010 we just opened on the spot and gave it some vigorous aeration!

The food at this restaurant is exceptional. It has been rated 1 star in the 2012 Michelin guide. There is ample creativity and variations on traditional dishes without being too experimental. I am glad to have found new inspirations for Chinese food pairings with different HB vintages.

La Reserve 2009

Brooding, dark, viscous, this clearly needed a few more hours of aeration. The palate was full of dark chocolate, raisins, blackcurrant fruits and roasted flavours. It is still quite tannic, but we all agreed that the potential is enormous. At the end of the meal we took another sip and indeed the wine had smoothed out very beautifully (9 hours).

La Reserve 2005

What a delight. Integrated, smooth, complex, but unobtrusive palate makes this an ideal wine to go with Chinese food. The finish is augmented by a faint caramel and coconut tail, and is medium to long in length. Reaching a drinking peak. This went down extremely well with the coconut crispy skinned chicken.

Haut-Brisson 2010

Vigorously shaken in the decanter for 10 minutes after pouring with excellent results. A different style of wine, though from the same lineage. Clear, pure, red fruits with an earthy tinge and some oak to it. Akin to a burgundy, but more structured and less acidity. This was a delicious complement to the salted dried fish with pork and fried rice with salted dried fish!

Pomelo salad with spicy langoustines (柚子富贵虾沙律)

A clear broth with fish bladder of the finest quality and conches (fish bladder is a real delicacy that is good for the complexion) (松茸竹笙菜胆炖花胶)

Lobster three ways (三味龙虾)

Tiger Grouper fish two ways (黄皮老虎斑,玉龙吐珠)

Crispy-skinned coconut infused chicken (椰香脆皮鸡)

Fresh spinach with mushrooms and dried scallop

Fried rice with salted dried fish

Pearls of osmanthus flower extract

Sesame-coated custard-filled crispy balls